• Experience meets passion and curiosity

    I am an experienced designer with passion for finding functional, meaningful and usable solutions for large scale challenges around digital services.
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  • Ecosystem-wide thinking

    As one of the most valuable assets I have learned during the past couple of years, I would name the ability to design solutions covering the entire service ecosystem - including web, mobile and wearables.

Work Experience

During my years as in-house UX specialist I have helped in creating solutions and designed for both B-to-B and B-to-C side services. Before my current post I have worked for over a decade in digital marketing; creating user interfaces and marketing communication for numerous clients in Finland and the Netherlands.


My educational background consists of design studies in the fields of industrial design, conceptual design and new media – both abroad and at the University of Arts and Design Helsinki. Still, my most influential educators have been my colleagues and projects throughout my working years.

Work samples

Please contact me directly for an up-to-date set of work samples. Work pics on this site will give you an idea on what kind of stuff I've been up to over the past few years.

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User experience specialist

User Experience professional currently working at Polar Electro as Senior UX Specialist.


Interactive storytelling

The official company Sidubara has closed down, but my love for interactive storytelling hasn't. If you're interested in any activites formerly conducted by Sidubara company, don't hestitate to contact me directly.

  • "In the end, all designing is about shaping actions."

    Lotta Rönnberg, Designer

  • "Designing meaningful user experiences includes guiding the users' motives as well as actions"

    Lotta Rönnberg, User Experience Specialist

  • "Reader, Viewer, Participator, Actor, Player, User... There is a big difference."

    Lotta Rönnberg, Interactive storyteller

  • "When a user needs to refer to the manual in order to get a task accomplished, the designer has failed."

    Lotta Rönnberg, User Experience Designer